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About Us

We are Jane and Darrol, the artisans of The Old Blacksmith Studio.  Our home and glass art studio was once the Blacksmith Shop in the village of Holstein, Ontario.

We have always appreciated unique, hand made art and jewellery and love going to art and craft fairs. We bought a beautiful fused glass pendant from an artisan and said this would be fun to make and so began our glass hobby.

The glass fuelled our passion and creativity and we soon made so many beautiful things that we needed to share them with others.  We love the organic and fluid nature of glass when molten and it’s cool, smooth qualities at room temperature.  Fused glass by its nature is imprecise and sometimes unpredictable and this element adds to our joy of creation.

All of our creations in glass are unique and one-of-a-kind.  We are always interested in new challenges and do custom work and commissions. 

If you have an idea, we will gladly try to bring it to life in glass.